622 Volunteer Gliding Squadron


We run Gliding Induction Courses and Gliding Scholarships for ATC and CCF cadets throughout the year, primarily covering Dorset & Wilts, Hants & Isle of Wight and Middlesex wings. We operate every weekend of the year and also run four one week courses every year. We are staffed entirely by volunteers: RAFVR(T) officers, civilian instructors and staff cadets. We have six Viking gliders which we operate via winch launch.


622vgs runs Gliding Induction Courses (GIC) every weekend of the year. The GIC is a one day course, and most of our squadrons are allocated two days per year (you can find out when your squadron is booked on the left).

You will be walked around the aircraft, shown the local area from the air and learn how to pitch the aircraft. You will learn how to roll the aircraft and how to select an attitude. You will learn how to yaw the aircraft, how to fly in balance and how to recognise the stall.

Our fascination for flying

Throughout history, mankind has consistently been fascinated by the idea of flying. Due to the admiration for the freedom the birds have always had on air as they float, dive, climb and turn without a care in the world, humans have gained a great interest in machines that could mimic this behavior. These days, the aviation consists of numerous types of aircrafts that can serve different purposes such as transportation, warfare, sports and hobbies.

Choose the flying lessons from the 622 Volunteer Gliding Squadron School and you will live a unique experience among qualified cadets that have a passion for gliders. Register for a training course, receive precious advice from instructors, officers or staff and you will find enough relaxation like you do on a Live Sex Chat. Let the glider carry you to amazing places and detach yourself from the everyday worries you face once you reach the ground.

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Although the seductive women on the Live Sex Chat offer you a tremendous satisfaction and divertissement every time you join in for a session after sunset, your fascination for flying will definitely keep you busy during the day. Whether you explored aviation due to your love for airplanes since your childhood days, or you discovered your call later in life, the Squadron School will let you appreciate the breathtaking views and the adrenaline rush you get once you rise from the ground.

For aviators, flying provides a one of a kind sensation that cannot be compared to anything in the world. They can discover locations that are unattainable when they are on land and feel the thrills of speed as they overfly wide areas. From the first ride, one will never forget the vibrations of the engine and the special smell of the plane while he will be amazed by the colorful show of the sky above.

Some situations may challenge you intensely while others will facilitate your floating, but you will test your pilot skills and knowledge with every journey. From atmosphere currents to precise techniques that allow you a smooth flight, it is essential that you follow the courses of the 622 Volunteer Gliding Squadron School so that you have a better understanding of the flying wings. Keep in mind that the sky is your limit and the jet is an extension of yourself.

Although difficult at first, flying is a wonderful means of recreation that makes you feel glorious up in the sky where you the concrete jungles of the cities seem so small. It comes with a pronounced sense of achievement after you learn how to fly a plane and realize that your abilities are the ones that keep you alive. Every day, a new challenge and undiscovered natural beauties wait for you upon your take off!